lovely || multifandom

“isn’t it lovely all alone?”

characters |:|

castiel, merlin, loki, luna lovegood, alec lightwood, isabelle lightwood, maleficent, newt, marius pontmercy, enjolras, henry mills ii, draco malfoy, gwaine, eponine thénardier, dean winchester, barry allen, steve harrington, stiles stilinski, lydia martin, scott mccall, regina mills, maya hart, cheryl blossom, morgana, theo raeken, sherlock holmes, anne, shaun murphy & hermione granger.

fandoms |:|
supernatural, merlin, avengers, harry potter, shadowhunters, maleficent, maze runner trilogy, les misérables, once upon a time, the flash, stranger things, teen wolf, girl meets world, riverdale, sherlock, anne with an e, & the good doctor.

song (though i’m sure you know it) |:|
lovely by billie eilish and khalid

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