I’m rebranding and reviving my Youtube! Regardless of what you think of what Shane, Andrew and Jeffree talk about in this documentary, you can’t deny how Shane’s innovative content constantly pushes the boundaries of what Youtube videos from creators should be. I’m blown away by everything he does and it’s actually from looking at his content, that I was inspired to make the most extra SpeedPaint that I possibly could create.

My name is Anthony and I’m a 19 year old Canadian based creator. After a year of going to school majoring in graphic & motion design which drained every artistic fiber in my body, I decided at 18 years old to take some time off of college to focus on myself, my art and my goals in the saturated field of digital media.

One year later, lucky for me, I got to curate an audience that shared the same interests in movies, tv shows and digital creators as I did which allowed me to work with amazing brands, companies and personalities. Video editing, designing merchandise, logos, products, and visuals.

With the hopes of moving my base to California and with the tools at my disposal, I’d love to bring YOUR creative vision to life.

You should stick around 😉

This took me 8 hours to Draw

– Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet
– Adobe Photoshop
– Final Cut pro
– Macbook Pro

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