VSCO ROOM TOUR 2019 *aesthetic!*

Hey everyone 😀 Welcome to the first video on my new channel 🙂
Todays video is a lovely, lil aesthetic / vsco room tour so i hope you enjoyy —

first video = big description – lets get things sorted!

You may have noticed that a few of the dates in this video seem a bit off like on the calendar that says march. Thats because this was filmed back in march and uploaded to my old channel ( for like a week ) but ive been thinking about what i want my youtube to actually be about recently and i thought i should reupload it as a way to start my channel again and then move on, so i know its not perfect but i did tweak a few things before reuploading ( which surprisingly took 3 hours :O ) but i hope that you enjoy it either way and if this is somehow your second time seeing this video then hi :DD please stick around through my indecisive and anxious moments! I’ll get there eventually 😛

But yes, welcome to my new channel, away from the judgemental views of my classmates where i can just experiment with what i actually want to do and hopefully get a bit of an audience while i do so hehe ( dont we all wish for that ) currently the plan is lifestyle, study, art + photography because thats just what i like to do and ofc they will be edited better than this video hehe and i would like to think the quality would be better too 😛

if you read this far: first thank you and secondly please comment ” margo and spike” so i know and itll kinda confuse everyone hehe

i shall see you all next week with a new videooooo 😀 baiiiii

PERSONAL INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/aimeelaurr/
PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/aimeelaurphotography/
SNAPCHAT – aimzbainbridge

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This video was inspired by some of my favourite youtubers like:
emma johansson, joana ceddia, heyitshope, lovevie, olivia grace, laur medley, Sophia X, TheBlueEyedGal, Sophia Pruett, Marla Catherine, Annie Long, Lydia Violeta, Sun Kissed, Sadie Aldis, Summer McKeen, Sadie Rose,

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