Zombie VSCO Girl Makeup (and i oop)

Okay okay, so yes this is very wacky, but I thought it was a funny take on one of the 1,000 latest fads from this year.. It also gave me a reason to break out the SFX makeup which is always fun, so It’s all good! 😀 It didn’t turn out as “ZOMBIE” as I wanted, and It looks more like Harvey Dent when he turns into Two-Face…… But I’ll take it!
I also have not even looked to see if this has already been done, so sorry if it seems like I’m copying anyone!

Hello! I’m a 22 year old Tennessee girl just running around, posting videos and having fun!
I love to create, so I post vlogs, art, music, and whatever I find joy in filming. I hope If you stick around we can be friends! Thanks for watching :’-)

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