Competition commission releases final health inquiry report

A new report released today will confirm the feeling that many patients using the private healthcare system – that sometimes they’re being ripped off.
The Competition Commission has released a report following its Health Market Inquiry that began in 2014.
In its interim report, published last July, it found competition in the in the private hospital market had largely failed, partly because it was dominated by three groups.
But the final report the Commission has backed down on recommendations that groups Netcare, Life Healthcare and Mediclinic be broken up.
Rather it recommends more oversight and the introduction of a health regulator which will formulate a new approach to licensing hospitals.
Well public interest law centre, SECTION27, has been involved in the Health Market Inquiry and public hearings? .
Along with the Treatment Action Campaign it has welcomed the release of the report.
To discuss we’re joined by Executive Director at SECTION27, Umunyana Rugege.

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