How to get Global Health Field Experience – getting ready for your career in public health

You’ve decided that you’re interested in a career in global health or public health, but you’re faced with the age-old problem that you can’t apply for jobs in global health without “experience” and you can’t get the “experience” without having a job. In this video, I explore how to get field experience as a student, volunteer or intern. Getting field experience isn’t just about building up your CV or resume however. It’s about gaining real competencies in areas like cultural effectiveness and low resource decision making. Working and learning in the field means getting involved with any number of activities that might include supporting front line health care, or working on a local health promotion campaign, or getting physical and helping dig a well or build a clinic, or working in an office helping the local authority plan a new service. Public health is about getting involved.

In this video I talk about firstly, what field experience is, secondly, ensuring that you and the communities that you work with are safe, and finally, how to find the right field experience for you.
This video was created with support from Child Family Health International (CFHI). CFHI provides community-based global health education programs for students and institutions. Their unique model fosters reciprocal partnerships and empowerment in local communities, transforming perspectives about self, healing and global citizenship. Learn more about CFHI at:
In the video I talk about Fair-Trade Learning – here is the URL:
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