Welcome to my channel and my living room!

In this video I share a glimpse of my living room before donating my beautiful yet uncomfortable couch.

I used pink and gold decor throughout with touches of gray, white and black to balance out all the colors.

I also share a little bit about my previous apartment and the story about purchasing my couch.

Sometimes in life we experience things we don’t like. I’ve come to learn that the things I don’t like are actually helping me realize what it is that I do want.

In this case, I learned that I wanted a home with lots of natural lighting and a cozy couch.

I also brought up Marie Kondo from the Netflix series Tiding up. She always talks about things that “spark joy”. Well, often times I set things down unintentionally in a way that surprisingly does spark joy.
Here I showed you a few of my personal items that I placed together in a way that “sparked joy”.

So without further ado, if you want some living room decoration inspo, check out my living room tour♡


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