The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star Episode 1 | Jeffree Star will NOT pay your rent…

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Episode one of the The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star premiered a few days ago and not only was it an insightful look at the behind the scenes of Jeffree Star and his world, but also the blossoming friendship between him and Shane Dawson.

A few days after that Jeffree Star took to his IG where he shaded a beauty influencer who sent him their palette…but the problem is that this influencer has not spoken to him in months! Not that they need any more publicity for the second episode, they had more than 10 million views on Episode 1 in less than 24 hours, but all this talk is definitely going to drive more people to watch the second episode of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

What do you think so far of the first episode of the Beautiful World of Jeffree Star? Are you excited to see the next episode? And who do you think Jeffree was talking about in his IG? Allegedly people are saying that it was Nikita Dragun, or could it really be Manny MUA?

Oh and check out one of my favorite drama channels give his opinion on this issue:

I am leaning more towards Nikita as well just because as I mentioned before when I use to send out PR packages, the PR Coordinator for my last job told me that one of the influencers had a separate mailbox for PR boxes and she only checked every few months.




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