ASMR | 🌟 Update, Mental Health Awareness, + Positive Affirmations πŸ’–

ASMR | 🌟 Update, Mental Health Awareness, + Positive Affirmations πŸ’–
🎧 Tingliest with headphones.

🌟 Hello all of you radiant lovely beings out there. I am back with #ASMR video 15 for you. I wanted this video to be a #depressionawareness and #mentalhealthawareness chat to bring more light to the daily struggle that many people including myself, suffer to just live a “normal” life. This video was extremely difficult for me to make and talk about so please excuse me tearing up in a few parts of it and be kind in your comments if you can. It is hard for me to talk about this in person, but definitely so on camera in front of the whole world. I hope this video can shed some awareness and help any of you lovely beings out there that may also suffer in silence. This video features some #ASMRtriggers including #whispering, #handsounds, and #positiveaffirmations .

Don’t forget that I LOVE YOU, but I am not a mental health professional. πŸ’–


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I am currently in college full time studying foreign languages. πŸ“š


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