HUGE Fall Try-On Haul (Brandy Melville)

Today I’m showing you all the clothes I got in the past few months!
Most of the pieces are from Brandy Melville except for 3 but I wanted to show you those as well :))
Btw sorry for not posting last week but I’ll try to post twice this week to make it up to you!!
Enjoy spooky season 🎃

Instagram: on my end screen!

The clothes I got:

pink crop top (
blue tank top:
oversized shirt: couldn’t find it online
brown crop top (couldn’t find it online, similar:
grey sweatshirt (couldn’t find it online, similar:

checkered pants:
purple pants: couldn’t find them online
loose pants: subdued (couldn’t find them online)
belt (couldn’t find it online) similar:


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