Jeffree Star Has Made Some Enemies In Hollywood

Few celebrities have made as many A-list enemies as Jeffree Star. The YouTuber and all-around beauty and fashion mogul has become just as famous for stirring up the drama as he has for his palettes. Think Lip Ammunition’s just a lipstick in his line? Here’s who can’t stand Jeffree Star.

One of Star’s biggest enemies might just be Jerrod Blandino, co-founder and chief creative officer of Too Faced Cosmetics. The drama started in 2017, when Starr accused Blandino of incorrectly claiming to have created the wildly popular unicorn makeup trend.

“Of course I had to create an exclusive Unicorn Tears highlighter.”

With the hashtag “There Aren’t Unicorns In The Amazon” on Instagram, Blandino appeared to take a dig at Tarte Cosmetics, which had launched an Amazonian clay unicorn-themed collection. Star took to Snapchat to slam Blandino, writing,

“Who is that delusional and dumb to think that they invented unicorn makeup?”

All that rainbow shade must have struck a chord because Blandino quickly deleted the controversial hashtag – but it was already too late. Star continued to attack Blandino by criticizing the Too Faced collaboration with NikkieTutorials.

Referring to a Sanders Kennedy video in which it was revealed that NikkieTutorials was allegedly paid only $50,000 for a collab that earned $9 million, Star tweeted:

“Hey Jerrod Blandino […] Should I expose how shady you were with NikkieTutorials’s contract or maybe save that for another day?”

The subsequent backlash against Blandino got so bad that he disabled comments on his Instagram, according to Allure.

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