Walmart Beauty Haul + Hot rollers

I have ALWAYS loved Walmart but now have even more of a reason to with their high end beauty offerings! Check out some of my forever favorites and new favorites that Walmart offers. I also attempt to show you how to hot roll your hair. While the technique is correct…I HIGHLY suggest you possibly buy larger size curlers unless you are trying to look like an 80’s country super star. Enjoy and like always I’ve linked all products in the video below!

Thank you so much to WalMart for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video! I literally cannot believe the beauty finds I found!

Walmart Links:


Olay Whip Moisturizer:

Wedge Sponges:

Butter Bronzer:

Nail Polish:


Hot Rollers:

Makeup Wipes:

Hydro Boost Gel:

Green Primer:

Lip Gloss:



Face Wash:

Cucumber Gel Eye Patches:

Blender sponges:

Tom Ford Perfume:

Check out all the amazing beauty finds here at:

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