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Feeding a raw food diet is not a new concept. I know people who having been feeding raw food to generations of dogs. Feeding raw food simply refers to feeding your dog a diet which completely excludes all commercial foods.

Commercial foods tend to contain a lot of ingredients that are not found naturally in your dogs diet. These ingredients are difficult for your dog to digest and often manifest themselves as chronic problems such as ear infections or skin allergies. Commercial foods frequently contain pesticides which can be harmful to our pet. Artificial food colorings and flavorings are also added to most pet foods.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet?

Some of the benefits of feeding dogs an all raw diet include better digestion, healthier coats and skin, increased energy levels, improved disposition, and fresher breath and cleaner teeth and gums. Weight control and following a diet that closely resembles that of dogs’ ancestors are two other reasons pet owners may want to consider feeding their dogs a raw food diet.

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