Whats in my backpack for school 2019 ( a level student )

• Whats in my backpack for school 2019 ( a level student ) •

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. For todays video i thought id do a whats in my backpack for school video since ive always wanted to do one 🙂 I hope this video helps give you ideas on what to take to school for sixth form or what an a level student of fine art, photography and sociology takes to school daily and gives you an idea of what i take to school everyday as a year 13 student in 2019/2020!

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This video was inspired by some of my favourite youtubers like:
emma johansson, joana ceddia, heyitshope, lovevie, olivia grace, laur medley, Sophia X, TheBlueEyedGal, Sophia Pruett, Marla Catherine, Annie Long, Lydia Violeta, Sun Kissed, Sadie Aldis, Summer McKeen, Sadie Ro , annie dube,

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