Learning from Emotional Abuse & Finding a Healthy Relationship | Ginger Zee

In this episode, Ginger details what she learned from emotional abuse, how her healthy relationship is different, & her views on the pressure to get married.
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Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist for ABC News and Good Morning America (GMA). In Part 3 of her Living with Depression series, Ginger shares how she ended up learning from emotional abuse. She also walks through…
– What an abusive relationship looked like for her
– How emotional abuse made her good at surviving a terrorist interrogation
– Why the effects of emotional abuse can be as severe as physical abuse or sexual abuse
– What she learned from past relationships that didn’t work out
– What her current healthy relationship with her husband feels like
– Why women shouldn’t feel pressured to get married

An abusive relationship negatively impacts someone’s wellbeing, regardless of the type – narcissistic abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse can all lead to negative mental health outcomes. Ginger’s takeaways from her own toxic relationship and other past relationships provide actionable insight to anyone who is seeking a healthier relationship.

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