ASMR | The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star [My Thoughts/Ramble]

Guys – have I lost it? I think this is the most “rambly” I’ve ever been 😂

•The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star – Shane Dawson:
•The Secrets of the Beauty World:

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In this ASMR video:
•Whispers / whispering
•Blue Yeti mic

What do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments! 🙋
A. ASMR Coloring With Markers & Rambling
B. ASMR Story Time: My Trip to Europe + FLOAM 🙂
C. Another Collab for “Collabtober” – with who?

The ASMR video I’m loving at the moment: “ASMR Rude Brandy Melville Employee Gives You A Makeover” by HaleyJean ASMR:

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