Obamacare, Medicare for all, and other health care proposals: The winners and losers | LIVE STREAM

Few federal policy areas affect individuals and families as directly as health care, and no sector of the economy spends as much on lobbying Washington as does the health industry. Every policy proposal and resultant change creates winners and losers — among parents, students, the elderly, the young, drug makers, device makers, hospitals, insurers, bureaucrats, and lobbyists.

Would Medicare for All really help patients? If so, which ones? And who stands to profit from it? Did drug makers and hospitals make a mistake in supporting Obamacare? Are patients benefiting or suffering from its provisions?

Please join AEI for a lunch discussion with health care experts to ask who benefits from Obamacare, Medicare for All proposals, Republican repeal/replace/reform efforts, and other health care proposals on the table in Washington.

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