UFF teamed up with Streaming Well, Robbie Lyle of AFTV, Mind, Mental Health Foundation, and other mental health experts, to produce ’15 Mins of Fury’ – a short film which aims to reduce stigma around mental health conversations in underserved grassroots football communities in the UK.

We’ve launched this film in support of #WorldMentalHealthDay (which is today Oct. 10th) to address the alarming stat that suicide is the number cause of death for men aged 18-50 in the UK!

If you need support click here: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/

*WARNING* – there is some graphic language in the film, which we kept in for authenticity as this narrative needs to resonate with men in the grassroots footballing community. The film is aimed at them.

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You can see the film here: https://studio.streamingwell.com/15-minutes-of-fury/
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