How To Help Someone With Depression | World Mental Health Day

These are the things I wish people knew when I was going through depression. This is how you can support your loved ones if they are going through a dark period in their lives πŸ’›

The more we talk about mental health, the easier it will be for people who are suffering to open up and break free from the darkness they are living in.

Depression leaves a scar that no one can see or ever understand. It comes in all different shapes and sizes and is completely different for everyone who experiences it.

If we choose to ignore it, we are choosing to ignore the pain and suffering our loved ones feel in their darkest moments.

If you are not sure how to start that conversation or communicate with a loved one who may be going through depression, just know that it is not your fault, this isn’t something we are taught at school (but it should be).

Watching this video is a great place to start & I hope you will find it helpful if you are worried about someone you know πŸ’›

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