How to make moving pictures 🏃 📸 | Cinemagraph

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✏️ Cinemagraphy sounds a bit confusing. How would you call it? Tell us in the comments!
00:24 – See our examples of cinemagraph
01:46 – How the moving photos technique works
02:52 – Creating cinemagraphy
03:17 – Software for making moving pictures
03:42 – Photo editing stage
04:26 – Final touch

Scrolling down your feed on social networks, you’ve probably run across unusual moving pictures. These are cinemagraphs.Looks mesmerising, doesn’t it? Cinemagraphs are instant attention-grabbers, that’s why people often use them to create Internet advertisement like Instagram ads.
So, if you want to promote your product through social networks or impress your Instagram followers, give cinemagraphs a try!

In a cinemagraph, just a small part of the image is moving while the rest of the image stays absolutely still. So how can we achieve this effect?
Well, it’s not that hard. First of all, you need to shoot a video and take a freeze frame from that video. Then you should cut out an area in the photo where the movement will take place.

After that, the photo is superimposed on the video so that a part of the video is visible through the cut out area. This way, one part of the image is moving, while the other is not. The movement in the frame is looped to make endless playback possible.

A cinemagraph works better if the movement in the picture is constant and repetitive ‘cuz it’s easier to loop it. That’s why it’s better to film flowing water, things blowing in the wind, or spinning objects.

It’s better to freeze objects that usually move. Like people, for example. It’s hard for us humans to keep the absolute stillness even if we try our best. That’s why in cinemagraphs, people who don’t move produce such a strong effect.

As soon as you make up your mind about what to film, you can start shooting! We’ll take our digital camera but you can use your smartphone. Just don’t forget your tripod. That part is VERY important.

First, mount your camera on a tripod.

Switch off all automatic settings, so that the focus, ISO and other parameters don’t change during the shooting.

It’s best to place the main objects in the frame so that they’re separated from each other and don’t overlap.
Ask the subject to stand still and shoot a 15 or 20-second video.

To edit the material you’ll need Movavi Video Editor and Movavi Photo Editor.

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How to make moving pictures 🏃 📸 | Cinemagraph

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