My 2-Year Carnivore Diet Anniversary! (Carniversary?)

It’s official: I’ve been a carnivore for over 2 years!

I keep feeling better as I get stricter, and am currently eating only ruminants (mostly beef) and seafood.

I’ve even cut out industrially-raised pork. Two years ago, I still thought bacon would give me a heart attack ― and you STILL couldn’t get me to stop eating it! Now I know it’s a relatively healthy food that most people tolerate well. Bacon did a lot to heal me, and pork rinds comforted me through cheese withdrawals. But at this point, I feel even healthier sticking to mostly ruminants and fish. Surf ‘n’ turf!

Some of you suggest that being strict is what’s causing problems in the first place. I’ll tell ya why I disagree!

I’ve also been doing lots of… let’s call it “inner work.” The deep stuff that fuels personal evolution. And I may have just discovered ― reluctantly, at first ― that I’m an empath! Yeah, just when you thought I couldn’t get any weirder. But don’t worry too much. I’m still convinced the earth is round!

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve got some great family news: both of my parents are now leading lower-carb lifestyles! They’ve been divorced for 20 years, and each reached this point independently, without my prodding. I’ve simply been answering their questions and sharing my excitement. Apparently without being too fanatical! Whatever got them here, I’m glad they’re healthier. And they’re both reporting rapid improvements! I’m so grateful.

Pardon any audio quality issues; the microphone fell into my shirt! I cleaned up the audio to make up for the extra atmospheric noise and fabric rustling. Normally, I like to let the city show its character through background sounds!

Special thanks to my supporters on Patreon for my new lapel mic set! You’ll be hearing that next time.

The past two years have been the beginning of a beautiful new life for me. I can’t wait to see where this deep healing will take me next!


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