Black Goth Makeup Series PART ONE: Eyebrows

Hello my wonderful guys and ghouls.

I ended up having to re-write the whole video description because it got erased when I uploaded.

Anyhow…today’s video is just a short little montage discussing some different eyebrow shapes. Obviously, there are no rules. So have fun with whatever you do!

This is more for people (like myself admittedly) who have super busy lives and maybe have to rush getting ready once in a while. I find that it really helps to have a fresh reminder of some go-to ideas when you feel a little “limited” by Google searches that tend to showcase one type of beauty etc….

So…. I’m going to do a few more with some hair ideas. 🙂 I may or may not speak on camera. But I hope you’ll get something out of it or at least be somewhat entertained by the concepts.

Cheers and Always be strange and unusual :).


Edit: Almost forgot. In the original description, I said a while ago I had shaved my brows and was drawing them on. So sorry I forgot to clarify that in the video…it’s kinda hard to keep the videos short enough but still say everything I want to say or clarify things. But most of you who are subbed can sort of fill in the blanks…so if you have NO BROWS, please know that I support it!!!

I could have been more specific…but it is more for people with eyebrows that sometimes feel like something is missing to take their look to the next level. I know for me when I started experimenting with my brow shape, it made a big difference in how I felt about my makeup afterward.

Also I just figured out why YouTube deleted my original description. That little greater than heart symbol I like to add is not allowed in descriptions here only comments!

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