Blister Infection sfx makeup tutorial Halloween 2019 SMASHINBEAUTY

Blister infection Zombie Alien SFX makeup tutorial inspired by Cabin fever 2019 remake and fear of the walking dead. Even though this makeup is also intended for zombies, alien invasions, acid burns, boils and similar traumas, this is infected sfx makeup. Also, don’t forget to check out my EASY 3D Pop Eye SFX makeup tutorial.

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This new SFX makeup tutorial is focused on my SFX makeup series where you look as if you were infected. This infected or disease special effects makeup tutorial is ideal for Halloween makeup. It’s also idea for zombie makeup, the undead makeup, alien invasion makeup or maybe even a nuclear explosion infection. Make sure to check out my Pop Eye 3D SFX makeup tutorial which I did for Halloween 2015. This is also something you might see in the new Cabin Fever movie, I’m so looking forward to that movie.


Ben Nye Nose and Scar wax
metal spatula
Mehron spirit gum
Wolfe FX face paint
TAG face paint
Sigma Beauty FX brushes


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