Charles Gore, President, World Hepatitis Alliance on tackling hepatitis C

Charles Gore discusses the World Health Assembly’s resolution on viral hepatitis and the progress being made by policy makers and NGOs to address hepatitis C.

Tackling hepatitis C: Moving towards an integrated policy approach is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, supported by Janssen, which investigates national and multinational policy initiatives to combat the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The report reveals that many countries around the world have been slow to respond with national policies on hepatitis C despite recent government pledges to fight the disease, and concludes that improvements need to be made in terms of disease surveillance, prevention, and outreach.

Janssen believes to effectively fight hepatitis C, a serious commitment is required from all stakeholders to improve the healthcare infrastructure across the continuum of care, increase awareness, provide education and ensure access to effective treatment for people living with hepatitis C. Janssen is working around the world to be a positive catalyst in the fight towards eradication of this deadly disease and serious public health problem.

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