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⌁ recipes ⌁

chia seed pudding:
– 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
– ½ cup of full fat oatly oat milk (the best oatmilk ever legit)
– ½ a frozen banana
– a small handful of frozen strawberries
– mix together and let sit in the fridge overnight. serve with cacao nibs if that’s what speaks to you. makes 2 servings for me 🙂

rent week soup:
– here are just the ingredients i used, but because this is rent week soup and the whole point of it is to be economical, feel free to whatever you have on hand.
– kale
– chicken broth
– potato
– tomato paste (i was gonna use canned or fresh, but wanted to finish this tube of paste up first!)
– frozen veggie mix (carrots, corn, peas, green beans)
– black beans (canned)
– salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, basil, tumeric

– spaghetti
– rao’s marinara sauce (2 for $10 at costco the best deal there yeet)
– that’s it.

⌁ faq ⌁
~ where do u go to school? uc davis!
~ what are you studying? applied physics!
~ where did you get ___? it’s either linked up there, or in this blog post (
~ is your hair real? yeeep. i dont understand either
~ what ethnicity are you? 100% korean (hence, the seoul search)

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Instagram: @TheSeoulSearch
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– Final Cut Pro X
– Motion 5
– Fujifilm XT-3
– iPhone XS

– Logic Pro X
– Behringer Studio Condensor Microphone C-1
– Scarlet 2i2
– Canon G7X Mark II

– Affinity Photo
– Affinity Designer
– Lightroom

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