Ivor Cummins – from Soil Health to Nutrient Dense Diets to Healthy Hearts!

The Fat Emperor has just been spending several days with Ireland’s best Farmers and Agricultural people. Big thanks to Brendan Byrne (Salt of the Earth Podcast) to enable all of this networking and mutual support. This talk was quite compressed and covered the core of heart health, with a summary of what constitutes healthy food – and a great Q&A afterwards with the attendees.

As Brendan always says, “Soil Health leads to Crop and Livestock Health, which lead to Nutrient-Dense Diets…which lead to Human Heart Health (and the health of the farmers themselves, who have to look after us all!).

At this session we were hosted by Cyril Wheelock , leader of the County Wexford fruit enterprise phenomenon that is recognized the length and breadth of Ireland. He has built extensive and profound networks with farmers of all types across the Emerald Isle. A selection of them gathered in his large farm in Enniscorthy yesterday to discuss the importance of soil health – which is fundamental to delivering plant and livestock nutrient value. And of course in turn the human heart health…which requires great nutrient-dense foods, delivered by the gatekeepers of our food quality (yes – the farmers themselves).

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p.s. we also had meetings in County Cork with other leaders in great food production – but these will be the subject of a separate post!

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