The Power of Makeup! Recreating Nikkie Tutorials Viral Video…Linz style!

I’ll be doing one half of my face with makeup and the other half without! Scary stuff! Perfect for Halloween, lol!!

This video is dedicated to Nikkie Tutorials for doing this video first and being such an inspiration to so many people! Love you Nikkie!!
Her video had 40 million views and has become a classic!

Please forgive the length of my video…I’m a work in progress! I’m really going to try to make shorter videos from now on. Things I’ve learned: I need to talk faster (I have a tendency to talk slow) and to explain what I’m doing with the makeup before I start applying so that I can speed up the application being filmed. I’m learning! Hopefully, the video is entertaining and not boring! Thank you for your patience!!

Please continue to add comments for “Ask Grandma” segment…coming soon!! Where my mom of 98 will be answering your questions and giving you any advice you want from someone that has lots of life experiences!

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