The Internet Is TORN Over James Charles 'Fake' Adopting A Dog!

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As I’m sure you know by now, James Charles recently adopted a puppy named Finn, but what you might not know is the amount of backlash he’s received because of it.What’s up everyone, happy Friday! It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and it just seems like everyday people are finding reasons to come for James Charles. We all know he hasn’t exactly had the easiest year.He got caught up in one of the biggest scandals in YouTube history, lost millions of subscribers in a matter of days, and ended up cancelling his tour… But there have also been some really bright moments too. Since the drama came and went, James has surpassed 16 million subscribers, bleached his hair blonde, leaned into his singing career, and even adopted a puppy.And while that all sounds amazing, it seems for poor James, it’s never without some kind of controversy.

I’m sure you saw that late last month, James uploaded this video called “Adopting a Puppy” where he and his friends went around to animal shelters and Petsmart adoptions to find the perfect pup for their family.James explained that they didn’t find their perfect match at the shelter or Petsmart. However, as they were leaving Petsmart, James got a call from his friend who’s neighbor’s dog just had some puppies.How convenient! Okay, he said they’re NOT a breeder family… remember that.At the time he posted some pics of him with the puppy and wrote quote, “welcome to the family 🐶💞”

But some fans took issue with how and where James got his dog. And let me just say first up, we are not coming for James here. There’s just been a lot of chatter recently about this online, as it’s resurfaced, so we are going to present both sides of the argument here, because we understand that animal rescue and welfare is a sensitive topic. Some people online accused James of pretending to look at shelters as click bait, but in reality, going to a backyard breeder to buy a puppy rather than rescuing one or going to an ethical breeder.

Which is a heavy accusation.And in case you aren’t familiar with the term backyard breeder, it’s the term for an amateur animal breeder whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or no effort towards ethical, selective breeding of animals.Versus an ethical breeder whose concern for the welfare of her dogs and devotion to the future of the breed exceeds everything else.And obviously, we don’t know exactly where or who James got the puppy from. We weren’t there for that moment via his video, because he cut the cameras before getting Finn and then surprised us with the pup when they were back in the car.

James claims they cut because the friend’s neighbor didn’t want them filming in their house, which is totally understandable, but many people on Twitter didn’t appreciate the way James went about ‘quote-unquote’ “adopting” a dog.

But many sisters also came to James’s defense.So obviously there are a lot of opinions about how James adopted his dog, but that’s not the only thing related to his dog that’s causing controversy.Once James brings his new dog home, he shows him around the house, runs around the backyard with him, and tries to teach him how to walk up and down the stairs. Though James has had dogs in the past, he didn’t seem to know some of the specific puppy safety tips that his subscribers were quick to point out.

It appears that fans weren’t trying to start drama, they were just genuinely concerned about the young puppy attempting the stairs.

And while there may have been some issues with how James handled everything, he can’t really catch a break here. No matter what he does these days, people seem to have a problem with it. Many of his fans were coming to his defense on Twitter about all of this drama.

And regardless of whether James did the right thing by getting his dog from his friend’s neighbor, he does seem to be really happy with the new addition to his family.And it seems like Finn will be receiving plenty of love now, regardless of where he came from.

But I want to know what you guys think. James’ video sparked a really interesting conversation about how he went about getting his puppy.
Do you think he was misleading by saying he was adopting Finn and that any of it was just for click bait? Or do you think everyone should just let it go and let James be happy with his new furry friend? Talk it out down in the comments below.

After that, be sure to hit that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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