Decorating Our Bloxburg Plots For Halloween | Roblox | Spooktober Ep.4 | Nerupicorn + Penguin Shaman

Hi everyone! Thx for watching the video! Don’t forget to subscribe! And if you want to request any games that you would like to see me play on Minecraft or Roblox, please do down in the comment section below. I wanted to do a bit of Halloween decorating on my Bloxburg Plot, and my brother joined me. Enjoy this episode of Spooktober!

Name: Nerupa
Favorite K-Pop Solo Artist: Kim Chung Ha
Favorite Kpop Bands: Blackpink & BTS
Favorite Anime: Attack on Titan
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony & Victorious
Favorite Movie Series: Harry Potter, Pirates of The Carribean
Favorite Games: Minecraft, Roblox, & My Little Pony Runner
Favorite Youtubers: Aphmau, SkyDoesEverything, Netnobody, LeeandLie, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Azusa Barbie, Sebastian Williams, Markiplier, Zap, Shane, jamjamj, N2theM, ChimChimTrash, Lucas The Spider, exposed, Luizzle, Gabbie Hanna, Bhad Bhabie, Pewdiepie, BorntoSlay, Bretman Rock, mlp Lights™ 181XBlueBlastX181, ღριηкєѕ єιηнσяηღ, Lollia, ButeraMoonlight, Moonlight Records, Moonlight Mashups, Spellbooked, A V E N U E
What Device Am I Playing On? : IPad

Brother’s Roblox Account: XEmperor_EmpoleonX
Brother’s Channel:

Friend’s Roblox Account: CharBear88
Friend’s YouTube Channel:

Friend’s Roblox Account: Loveless_X (my lil architect/constructor 💕)
Friend’s YouTube Channel:

Games Mentioned:

By: David Baszucki

By: Coeptus

Music: Creepy 2
Site: Videoshop Tracks

I do not own the music used i the video

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