DIY 23 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women on Type 4 Natural Afro Hair (for Short, Medium, Long Hair)

23 do it yourself NATURAL TWIST Hairstyles created on my type 4 natural hair AND PERFECT FOR BLACK WOMEN.

Hi lovelies, welcome to my channel. My name is CHINWE JULIET and Today I’ll be showing you 23 different hairstyles you can do with Type 4 natural hair.

All hairstyles are based on twists and these include two strand twists and flat twists and how creative you can get with them.

My hair is NOT blow dried in this video, rather it is stretched from a double flat twist I wore for a week.

Another thing to note is some of these 23 natural hairstyles can be replicated on short to medium length hair, you may just need more hair pins.

Also, If you would like to see a full tutorial on any of these hairstyles, be sure to hashtag igbocurlshairstyles and the style number in the comment section below. If I get enough likes on a hairstyle, I’ll definitely make a full tutorial for you all so keep watching and I’ll talk to you all again at the end of the video.

The products I used to set my edges down prior to this video is Gorrilla Snot Gel. It is not shown in this video as this video is purposely meant to show off natural do it yourself twist hairstyles for black women with type 4 natural hair.

These natural hairstyles for black women can also be replicated on short, medium and long natural hair you will just need some extensions and a lot of hair pins. If you would like me to do a full tutorial on any of these natural hairstyles, please hashtag igbocurlshairstyles in the comment section with the natural twist hairstyle number.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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