Singaporeans Try: Therapy (Mental Health Special)

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October every year, but at The Smart Local, we wish to keep it a daily topic instead of something people mention once a year, or even shy away from.

In this special episode of Singaporeans Try, three TSL members tell their stories on camera for the first time to a professional therapist and discuss personal issues such as self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationships and even suicide.

Through this video, we wish that anyone facing the same issues are able to find solace. Should the thought of visiting a therapist feel foreign, we also hope that this video will provide you a peek into what visiting a therapist feels like.

Special thanks to Belinda from The Lighthouse Counselling. For more on counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching, reach out on

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Zhin Sadali –
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Jeslene Chia
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