The Truth About This Beauty YouTuber Revealed

YouTuber Tati Westbrook was thrown into the spotlight after posting her “Bye Sister” video, which slammed teen beauty icon James Charles in May 2019. With everyone quickly taking sides, we wanted to know the scoop on this beauty mogul.

Before the James Charles drama took the Internet by storm, Westbrook was already planning to take a break from YouTube.

“Just sometimes feels like, ‘And this blush is fantastic! Oh, and my uterus and ovaries.’ You know, like when does that fit in.”

In a January 2019 video, Tati revealed that she and her husband, James Westbrook, were struggling to get pregnant. Westbrook has also suffered from endometriosis as well as severe inflammation. This is why the social media star always stays on top of her health and gets blood work done about four times a year.

“It has been like a deep pain in my soul that I have not been able to have children.”

She added,

“As a woman, you feel like your body should be able to do this on its own, and it’s always frustrated me that my body betrays me a lot.”

Westbrook went on to admit that the stress surrounding her fertility issues had also led to depression. While she decided to step back from YouTube to help ease her anxiety, she still planned to share part of her journey on Snapchat.

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Personal struggles | 0:15
Humble beginnings | 1:18
Realizing her destiny | 2:17
Meeting her husband | 3:09
The Westbrook brand | 4:22
Cancelling her first wedding | 5:26
A thing for drama | 6:18
The Halo Beauty controversy | 7:39
Her relationship with her stepson | 9:11

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