बिना Dieting वजन घटाएं | Cure Diseases without Medicine | Health Series with Celebrity Nutrigenomist

In this Video Dr.Ujjwal Patni, interviews Mr. Karan Kakkar who is an expert in #Nutrigenomics.
#FitnessMotivation #HealthyLife

In this video Top Motivational Speaker and Business Coach Dr Ujjwal Patni asked questions to Mr. Karan Kakkar about Nutrigenomics. His insightful questions to Mr. Kakkar enraptured the audience and help them understand the science of healthy living.

Dr. Patni firmly believes that his millions followers should lead a healthy #Lifestyle and so he choose Mr. Karan Kakkar after thorough research.

In this video Mr. Karan Kakkar explains how we can reduce the level of suffering from chronic #diseases by following the science of Nutrigenomics.

The details about Mr. Karan Kakkar and his contact information is also in this video.

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About the trainer: International Trainer and Motivational Author Dr. Ujjwal Patni is one of the finest motivational trainers in India who has led 3 Guinness World Records and is been listed in “Top 10 Indian Thinkers – 2014” by MTC Global. His 7 books have been published in 14 languages and are available in 28 countries. He has conducted more than 1500 motivational seminars in 100 cities in India and other international cities. He is followed by more than 3.5 million readers and audiences throughout the globe via different platforms. He has won 15 prestigious awards.

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