A BUNCH OF PALETTES I'm Getting Rid Of & Why

One of several pre-shot videos I put together before baby Rhett’s arrival! 🙂 See Instagram for pics of our lil guy! http://instagram.com/emilynoel83 FYI- there will be some vlogs coming as well… but be patient with me- I haven’t had much sleep lately!

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What I’m Wearing…
Eyes- Huda Nude Obsessions Palette- Light http://bit.ly/2q19ku4
Lips- Fenty Glossy Posse Set- Hot Chocolit http://bit.ly/2Nlil9j

Profound Thought:
“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”
-Wayne Dyer

Random Thought:
I just want to thank you all so VERY much for the prayers and kind words surrounding the arrival of Mr. Rhett! 🙂 Guys, he is so precious and cuddly, I just don’t have words. He’s healthy and adjusting so well to life outside the womb. Did you know that TODAY (the 28th) was actually my due date? Excited to share the whole birth story with you once I get a chance to edit! Love you all dearly!

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