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In this advance world, where every lady is too much conscious of her beauty and she prefer her beauty on all others matter of life. This extra care has paved the new grounds for beauty salons. Different services are offered by them for the satisfaction of the beautiful ladies .The ladies is ready to spend generously both their time and their money. Facial spa is offered by every saloon and every lady is crazy for it. A sense of competition is created among ladies and they want to impress each other not only by their beauty but also by the name of beauty saloon by which they are getting services. That’s why every saloon is offering its services though most of them have a single spa table. The ladies are waiting for the whole day to get these services. There is different type of spa present in different saloons. Deep tissue and massage are enough for the cleansing and relaxation of our face. But this advancing field has created a great difference in the techniques of massage.There are different types of skin of ladies. Which are named as dry, oily or normal? So different facials are suggested for the treatment of a particular type. There are different methods used in this treatment that is following. First of all you must cleanse your face with a good cleanser then you must use a toner then a moisturizing lotion on your face. For a better look of your face your hairs also demand some attention so shower your hair with a good shampoo and use an authentic conditioner. Deep conditioners are considered as the best conditioner for the attractive look of your hairs. as we are talking about hairs it must also be noted that you must pluck your eye brows. Use of warm water while plucking makes it easier and less painful. Scrub your face by a good exfoliate.massage while using scrub must be gently as it will damage the skin in case of harsh treatment.Now your skin is ready to steam. So boil water and add any oil or some leaves of mint in it for the gain of extra flair. Cover your head by draping a towel. Take steam from5 to 10 minutes depending on the condition of weather if you are feeling bore in these minutes then you may enjoy music. it will open your pores and black heads which are present on your face may be removed by the facial pin. This will release your skin from dirt and shabby look will disappear. Use face mask. It is the last step of your facial spa. Apply it gently on your face and leave to dry. You may make facial mask at home by natural things. It’s your own choice. You may keep cucumber slices on your eyes for the relaxation. Now moisturize it by the moisturizer. Your face is shining now.By using these points we can save ourselves from the heavy charges of beauty salons.Source: Free Articles from


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