Floral Dotting Tool Design: Brown, Pink and Orange Tutorial – by Moonlight Nail Art

Hi everyone! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to create an easy floral dotting nail art: a Brown, Pink and Orange design on white nails. To create this nail art you will need: brown, pink and orange and white nail polishes, a dotting tool, gold studs. Let me know that you like the video leaving a thumb up and a comment. I love reading all your beautiful comments!
Here I show you how to do this design in simple steps:
• First of all apply one layer of base coat to protect your nails and create a smooth surface to work on.
• Apply brown nail polish on your index finger.
• Apply white nail polish on medium and ring finger nails.
• Apply pink nail polish on your little finger.
• On the white nails, using the medium tip of a dotting tool, create the flowers, alternating brown, orange and pink.
• Apply a top coat on all the nails to protect the design and make it last longer, and to stick the studs.
• Add a gold stud in the center of each flower and one stud on the other nails. If you don’t have gold studs you can add a glod nail polish dot.

The products I used are:
• brown (09) and white (03) nail polishes by Astra,
• purple (09 lucky), orange (12 mandarine bay) by Essence,
• top coat by Essence.
• Studs by Melissa nails

I hope you like this design and you enjoy the video! I thank you for your support, I am really grateful for it!

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