Best iPhone Battery Health – How I Do It

I show you how to maintain and keep your iPhone battery as close to 100% as possible. While batteries degrade over time, there are a few tips and tricks to keeping your battery health at 100 percent or as close to full as possible. In this video I show iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and their battery health with normal use over years. All iPhones are on iOS 13 and none of the iPhone have had their batteries replaced. #iPhone #batteryhealth #Apple #ios13

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:45 – Battery cycles and normal battery health
01:08 – Phone overview and battery health on each
03:25 – Battery Temperature
04:12 – Using iPhone while it’s charging
05:00 – Charging the iPhone
05:16 – Can you overcharge an iPhone?
05:30 – iPhone Battery cycles
05:45 – Optimized Battery Charging
06:30 – Wireless charging
06:45 – Fast charging
07:13 – iPhone XS Max after 6 months
07:31 – iPhone chargers to use
08:00 – Charging during the day
08:30 – Conclusion
08:38 – How to get the Wallpaper
08:50 – Outro
09:21 – End

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