How Many Calories in a Day | Best Calorie Diet plan to Lose Weight | Calories In vs Calorie Out

If you’re trying for weight loss, you’ve would probably come across this question How Many Calories should I eat in a day to lose weight. The number of calories you need to consume in a day and the number of calories you spend depends upon a number of factors. Understanding those factors will have to find the your total calories requirement for a day also the calorie you burn on an average day.

However, more than calories in the food it’s the nutrition that really matters. Hence, to lose weight you need to follow a deficit calorie diet plan keeping in mind the calories you take are from healthy nutritional dense food and not empty calories.

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Calories basic understanding 00:20
How many calories you burn in a day 00:40
Calculate your BMR 02:25
How many calories you need in a day 03:10
Calculating my calories for a day 03:38
Calories vs nutrition in food 05:25

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