Jeff Nippard's "Lean Gains" Diet My Review!!!

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In this video I discuss Jeff Nippard’s new “Lean Gains” diet. What do I think of it? Would I change it?

0:46 – I usually agree with Jeff… but this time?
1:35 – Jeff’s Morning routine
1:57 – Do I agree with his macros? Why / Why not?
3:48 – Jeff’s reasoning for his protein? Agree?
5:42 – Tracking macros… Jeff vs Greg.
7:53 – Fat intake. Agree or disagree?
8:36 – Multivitamins?
9:27 – Pre workout meal. Is it really fueling your workout? Fasted training? 10:50 – pre workout timing.
14:29 – Intra workouts – good or bad?
17:44 – AHA! The real reason people were telling me to watch this video.
20:24 – post workout – is jeff contradicting his own research?
26:14 – pre workout (workout #2)
27:14 – final meal of the day and pre bed meals. Do you need calories at bedtime?
30:44 – Is nakie having a heart attack?

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