ASMR LIVE 🔴 Pick My Makeup (whispers, tapping, brushing, makeup triggers)

Hello lovelies ♡ finally, another LIVE asmr hangout sesh! This time I thought it’d be fun for you to pick my makeup, and get creative~

✨ Timestamps ✨

00:00:01 intro, nerves, hellos

00:03:01 pick my foundation

00:04:58 pick my glowy base

00:06:28 application BEGINS, Hollywood Flawless Filter & Futuredew

00:12:18 applying Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation in F4

00:17:38 pick my concealer

00:19:24 applying Glossier Stretch in G11

00:25:04 pick my powder

00:27:31 applying Wowder

00:32:56 pick my bronzer

00:36:02 applying Butter Bronzer

00:41:39 pick my eyeshadow

00:43:42 numb leg crisis

00:45:36 applying NYX Brights Palette (pink shade)

00:54:16 drinking water, school advice

00:58:23 pick my blush

01:00:55 applying Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk & Butter Blush in Natural Glow

01:04:21 pick my brow gel, favorite Starbucks drink

01:05:30 applying Glossier Boy Brow in clear

01:09:12 pick my highlight

01:11:10 applying Cover FX in Moonlight

01:16:01 pick my glitter

01:17:40 applying Colourpop Supershock Shadow in Ladybird

01:20:19 pick my gloss

01:22:00 applying HAUS Le Riot Lipgloss in Corset

01:23:55 pick my mascara (you have one option)

01:24:09 applying Glossier Lash Slick

01:26:03 the finished look, plus chit chat and plucking

This is from Nov 3rd Sun night! This was so much fun, thank you all for calming my nerves, picking my makeup, and putting up with my occasional burps lolll! Much love to you all! You all are amazing and remind me everyday how lucky & loved I am, you deserve the best!

I hope you sit back, relax, and ° like ° comment ° subscribe ° to help our channel grow! 🌱

~Jocie B ASMR


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*~ MY STORY ~*

Like a lot of us, I happened upon ASMR videos by chance when searching for ‘sleep help’ on YouTube. I fell in love with the community because (alongside the tingles, ofc), it was a space for love, acceptance, and childlike creativity.

For someone who has struggled to love themselves and feel accepted (and continues to struggle on their worse days), ASMR is such a beautiful way to get out of our negative self talk. It speaks to the child within us, who doesn’t know what an amazing kid they are!

I recommend that everyone take the time to explore the wonderful world of ASMR with an open heart & mind.

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