HUGE drama with James Charles, Danielle Cohn, Jeffree Star AND Shane Dawson?! Ugh I can't

Did James Charles just shade Danielle Cohn, Shane Dawson AND Jeffree Star?
Danielle Cohn released a TikTok of herself doing what seems to be a choreographed dance to the song “I don’t Mind”. James decided to get in on this trend as well by dressing up in a wig and Danielle’s exact same outfit to do the dance. He captioned his video, “move over @daniellecohn there’s a new tik tok queen in town”. And recently James announced plans to release some new merch on Friday that happen to include bathrobes and mirrors… And if you had to describe both Shane and Jeffree by using only items you find in a bathroom, you’d probably choose bathrobes and mirrors.

Yep, that happened! Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson palette launch drama broke the Internet! –

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