Oman's health ministry suggests doctor visit before Keto

Oman’s health ministry suggests doctor visit before Keto

The Ministry of Health has issued an advisory to people on following popular commercial diets, suggesting that those wishing to shift to a Keto diet to visit a doctor first.

According to the Ministry, a Keto diet could lead to side effects including dehydration, lack of salts, headache, dizziness or temporary lethargy, among others.

“Keto diet has many benefits such as regulation of sugar and loss of weight besides a controlled appetite. It helps regulate triglycerides as well. But you should consult a specialist doctor before starting a Keto diet and go for follow-up treatments and periodic checks and exercise caution against commercial diets.” – Ministry of Health

Keto is a diet based on replacing carbohydrates with fats so that the body begins to burn fat as a primary source of energy.


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