Biotin beauty

The so-called biotin is content water
soluble vitamins, a kind of cosmetics material. It is widely
distributed in animal and plant tissues and organs, can extract from liver and
egg yolk, is a variety of carboxylase prosthetic group composition. It combine
with enzyme protein active site of a lys residue of – amino to amide linkage combining
generation – N – biotin
acyl l-lysine, also called biotin complex. Biotin is many carriers which need
ATP carboxylation reactions carboxylic, carboxyl combine with a nitrogen atoms
in biotin bicyclic system temporary, as in pyruvate carboxylase catalytic
pyruvate carboxy into oxaloacetic acid reaction. Animals lack of biotin cause
skin disease and hair removal. Eggs contain protein with biotin cohesive
avidin. Such as a large number of edible raw eggs, for prevent biotin
absorption, can lead to human biotin deficiency. In normal circumstances, the
human intestinal bacteria synthetic biotin sufficient is enought, won’t happen
biotin deficiency.

Biotin is a kind of method now often used in
hairdressing plastics, it has a lot of functions, for example thin face, thin
leg, etc, and the biotin remove wrinkles technique is the most important, below
is some related knowledge about inject biotin to remove wrinkles that supplied
by biotin

First, the principle of inject biotin remove
wrinkles technique: the biotin injected into the corresponding position, effect
in motion around the nerve endings, neuromuscular junction namely synaptic
place, inhibiting presynaptic membrane release neurotransmitters, blocking
acetylcholine release, so that the muscle tension decline, wrinkles also
subsequently and gradually disappear, finally achieve the effect of remove

Second, the injection biotin remove
wrinkles operation indications: 1, the effect best to inject biotin remove
wrinkles to facial wrinkles, such as forehead lines, glabella lines, crow’s
feet, nose back wrinkles, suitable for those people who is unwilling to accept
the surgery, or thinking too much of the surgery or discomfort on the surgery, also
can cooperate with those people who still have those tiny wrinkles after
surgery. 2, inject biotin remove wrinkles also can adjust eyebrow shaping:
eyebrow asymmetric correction, and even remove the wrinkle around mouth. 3, in
addition, biotin injection can thin face, thin leg: according to facial
masseter hypertrophy, calf muscular person, can make face thin, crus necking.

Biotin beauty, the new age beauty choice,
let us can get fast and effective cosmetic effect, come with me to wake up the
sleeping cells in the bodyFree Articles, make you return to the youth times once again.


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