DIY FAKE NAILS AT HOME! No acrylic, easy, lasts 3 weeks!

Press on nails at home tutorial that last (2-3 weeks) and look natural! I find this method easier than polygel, gel or acrylic nails. Fast, easy and cheap do it yourself fake nails at home using press on nails.

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⇒ Nail tool kit
⇒ Nail file coarse grit 100* what I use
⇒ Nail glue
⇒ Nails- shown in video
*mine are color L5176 but they come in a bunch of other colors and styles!
⇒ Other nails I like

– Start with clean dry nails. Don’t do this after getting out of the shower or pool.
– Cut nails (optional) – they do look better from the back if your nails are short
– Push down cuticles (do not use any cuticle oil or lotion, nails must remain completely dry and clean).
– File nail bed- use a regular nail file for 3-7 days of wear, use a coarse grit 100 nail file for 2-3 weeks of wear. File in one direction, 5-6 passes of each nail and make sure all parts of nail are filed. **This is the step that will make them last!
– Select nails that fit each finger
– SHAPE NAILS with file to customize them to fit each nail perfectly! **This is the most important step for making them look real & natural.
– Open a fresh bottle of nail glue for each manicure.
– Put one drop of nail glue on the base of the fake nail
– Put 2 drops of nail glue on your real nail (cover nail fully!)
– Position fake nail onto nail bed, make sure it’s positioned straight and pushed all the way down to meet the cuticle.
– Hold down for 30 FULL SECONDS! You will feel right away if it doesn’t feel secure. If it doesn’t you didn’t use enough glue or didn’t hold long enough and redo.
– Repeat for all nails
– Finishing touches: you can file, cut or shape the tips or even paint them if you’d like
– DO NOT SHOWER or come into contact with water for 2-3 hours after application. I typically do them at night. This will set them into place

I wear these for 2-3 weeks, usually a little over 2 weeks due to regrowth

Method 1 – To preserve nails for future use
Soak nails in warm water for 30-40 minutes to loosen glue. Use a spare nail and slide it under the fake nail and pop the nail off. I have only ever reused a set of nails 2x because of glue buildup on the fake nail bed which makes it harder to bond to your nail. You could try to file the interior of the fake nail to remove the glue residue but I have not tried it.

Method 2 – faster & easier
First cut tips of nails with nail clippers, then soak nails in acetone for 15-20 minutes and use a spare nail and slide it under the fake nail and pop the nail off

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