Essential Beauty Tips to Maintain and Restore Their Natural Glow and Shine


Beauty tips for Hair There are oodles of hair conditioners, some special hair shampoos and a few hair treatments are available on market that can not only protect your hair but also repair some damages. Additionally, they also enhance the shine of your hair at the same time. But if all these quality shampoos, conditioners and the like are not suitable for you, you can also try some home remedies which are as follows:Beauty tips for Oily Hair Here are two solutions that will fight with your oily hair:•    The first remedy is a mix up of Aloe and Lemon. All you need to do is to mix half teaspoon of aloe and one tablespoon of lemon juice along with the regular shampoo. And wash your hair with it gently. •    Secondly, boil and mash the carrot and apply to your oily hair for 15 minutes. After that wash and rinseBeauty tips for Dry Hair For dry hair you can apply following things on your hair. •    Olive oil, •    Mashed banana•    Mayonnaise, •    Egg yolk, •    Coconut oil, Beauty tips for Dull Hair People who have dull hair can make use of following remedies:•    Mix up the Lemon juice with some water and wash from it to get perfect hair shine•    After shampooing, you should use simple beer to wash your hair from. Beauty tips for Skin Now skin treatment becomes quite easy with the help of some home remedies.•    If you have dry skin, you should use almond oil as a primer either before using foundation or at night before using moisturizer.•    Additionally, you should use Mayonnaise. All you required for this skin treatment is to apply Mayonnaise to your face and leave it at least for 20 minutes. •    You can apply Egg yolk to your skin. If you have oily skin.  Beauty tips for Nail and Teeth•    For nails, people can use Olive oil as it moisturizes the nails and make softer cuticles without fading them. •    For making teeth white, people can eat Strawberries and the mix up of Lemon juice and salt.Overall, these above mentioned beauty tips are really effective to a great extent. No doubt, these beauty tips will help you enhance your beauty and look to maintain and restore their natural glow and shine. Source: Free Articles from

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