Ketogenic Diet AFTER 40 (Should You Do It?)

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Ketogenic diet after 40 – Hey guys, in this video tutorial on the keto diet for men after 40, I am going to talk about should you do a ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is very popular right now, and it was very beneficial for me as well. Now, I am going to answer the question, is keto good for men over 40? Let’s get started in this video tutorial on the keto diet explained.

Should a man over 40 do keto? The key for a man over 40 is to find something that is going to optimize hormones, optimize your metabolism, optimize your energy levels, and be sustainable and have longevity behind it that you can adhere to for the rest of your life. I do not recommend a Keto diet for men after 40. Here is who I would recommend the keto diet for: If you are severely obese and there is a lot of weight you need to lose, then I recommend that to my clients. More than likely, if you are not in that category then you do not need to be doing a keto diet after 40. There are several studies that show Ketogenic diets are bad for your hormones, especially testosterone. Man, as a guy in their 40’s and 50’s, the last thing you want is for your hormones to be declining.

Carbs are very important, they are a key source of fuel and energy for your body. You want to still have good, clean gluten-free carbs. You need to include that in your diet to optimize your hormones and your metabolism. I know this might not seem like a popular stance right now on the keto for men, but keto is not sustainable. Carbs in moderation are good for you, using carb-cycling is very helpful with managing your carb intake. Combining carb-cycling with intermittent fasting is very beneficial, and I recommend that over a keto diet for men after 40. Keto is a fad diet that eliminates a complete group of macro-nutrients. Now, to be clear, I am not against keto for men. However, I am very specific with who I recommend Keto.

As an older guy, we need to make sure that we are optimizing our hormones. I want to help you optimize your hormones and help keep you healthy. When you are focusing on losing weight, you want to focus on losing fat. With the keto diet for men, you start to lose weight affecting fat, muscle, and water weight. If you follow a structured plan, you focus only on losing body fat.

Well guys that wraps up this video on is keto good for men over 40. I want you to be healthy, so find a nutrition plan that is best for you. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on nutrition and exercise:

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