Makeup Habits I Formed In My 20s (15 Tips You NEED To Learn Now!)

Makeup habits I formed in my twenties…from eyeliner for hooded eyes to skin and makeup minimalism! 15 habits you need to learn!
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DISCUSSED in the video:
1) I learned what works with my features (hooded eyes etc)
2) I PLAY with my makeup (create coloured winged liner using eye
shadows + water, as an example)
3) I have a go-to brow person who I trust!
4) I use great brow products (by Benefit)…brows frame the face and are so important for make-up to look good!
5) I use colours that compliment my colouring (researched a lot over the years!)
6) I always moisturise before my base makeup!
7) I (finally) colour match PROPERLY
8) I use mineral makeup when I can
9) makeup minimalism and brand loyalty help me to save money and prevent disappointment
10) I never pump my mascara wand…TWIST IT to avoid pumping in bacteria!
11) I do a number ‘3’ shape technique to contour my face!
12) I use ‘big eye’ tricks…highlight/pale pencil
13) I always remove my makeup (completely) before bed!
14) I clean my makeup brushes and sponges regularly! How I clean my brushes:
15) I use setting spray usually INSTEAD OF powder…just looks much better in person!

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