12 Health Warnings Your Lips Are Trying To Tell You

Today, we’re talking about all the signs to look for in your lips that may point to health problems.

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Twitching Lips – 00:45
Swollen Lips – 01:28
Changed Color of Lips – 02:11
Chapped Lips – 03:15
Growth on Lips – 03:52
Lips cracked at the corners – 04:20
Cold Sores on Lips – 05:12
Sensitivity and Tenderness of lips – 05:45
Burning Lips – 06:18
Red Ring around your Lips – 06:55
Tingling Sensation in your lips – 07:38
Bumps on your lips – 08:21


Twitching Lips: Lip twitching is normally harmless, but could also be a sign of an underlying condition. It is the result of miscommunication between your lip nerve and the muscles it controls.

Swollen Lips: Did you try a new lipstick? Eat something you probably shouldn’t have? If you noticed that your lips get bigger every time you try different foods or cosmetics, you may be suffering from an allergic reaction.

Changed Color of Lips: Healthy lips tend to be rosy pink or light red. You’ll know this because your blood vessels are visible underneath the thin skin covering them. Any change in color or discoloration may point out to an underlying problem.

Chapped Lips: Chapped lips can mean that your body is responding to its need for hydration. Contrary to popular belief, licking your chapped lips won’t get the job done. In fact, it makes your lips even more crusty and dry. If you would like to erase them, drink plenty of water.

Growth on Lips: Growths can be a cause of concern on any part of your body. And lips are no exception. Any growth on your lips could be a sign of lip cancer.

Lips cracked at the corners: You may have developed cracks in the corners of your lips which is fairly common during summers and winters.

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