Morticia Addams Does Your Makeup for the Charity Auction (ASMR RP + long nail tapping)

I very rarely have any interest in recreating videos/art that I’ve already done. A lot of times I’ll get requests that are like “Do a new version of X!” and I can’t help but feel like, if I’ve already done something, how would I be challenging myself by doing it again? But the fact is, my first “Morticia does your makeup” video was posted 5 years ago. As an ASMRtist my skills have improved so much in the past 5 years, so I wanted to give it another go. Could I recreate the lighting of the movies? Could I make the look and feel of the character more accurate? I did my very best to. I hope you enjoy this one, I know Morticia is a favourite for many of you so it brought me a lot of joy to work “with” her again 😉

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