Makeup Declutter! Eyeshadow, Highlighters, & Blush

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Depop- Mystery Bags For Sale!!!

How to sanitize used makeup:
(The easiest way is to use an alcohol spray)
πŸ’• Last restock of my Sigma brush set!:

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πŸ’› FAQs πŸ’›
– All of the makeup I use is cruelty-free! 🐱 I do a mix of makeup reviews, unboxings, hair dye videos, beauty commentary, & favorites!
– My camera Canon M50:
– About my tattoos:
-My cat’s names are Azrael & Zatchel 🐱
– If you are wondering why my channel is called Porcelain: The name came from someone in my life who compared me to a porcelain doll who loves painting on color & has a fragility that isn’t necessarily seen from the outside. There’s more to it, but that’s the simplest explanation.
– Favorite brushes (E55, E38, & F83):

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